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Your needs will determine the plan that's right for your company. Here are our plans at a glance.

Vital Technology Group Becomes Dell Authorized Reseller
Our partnership with leading PC and server manufacturer Dell enables Vital Technology Group to bring customers the most reliable... <more>


What is your data worth? Almost three quarters of small businesses have set themselves up to learn the hard way. Is yours one of them? Find out!

>> 33 percent of businesses say that losing their data could put them out of business.

>> 71 percent of small businesses do not have a disaster plan in place.
TNS NFO for Office Depot

>> Small business owners run a one-in-four chance of experiencing a significant crisis in a given year.
Continuity Insights magazine and KPMY Risk Advisory Services

>> Of those businesses that experience a disaster and have no emergency plan, 43 percent never reopen.
The Hartford Financial Services Group


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